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Innovative teaching methodologies
Modern learning environment

We are school of digital skills and programming for students in grades 1-12. Our partner on the educational path is the Harvard University CS50 team. Based on their experience, since 2016 we have been using teaching tools and methods in programming courses in Lithuania.

The Most Innovative Class

We have the most innovative IT class in the Baltic States. It has 30 iMac computers, the latest software and the most powerful supercomputer in Lithuania, adapted to train artificial intelligence models. We provide students with a top-notch environment, making the learning environment similar to working for a company like Google DeepMind. Technical resources in our school's programming circle are not a problem, the most important thing is the personal development of the student.

New Learning Methodologies

When creating programming courses, we rely on the latest teaching technologies and methodologies. We believe that new computer knowledge is best absorbed by the student when it is associated with existing ones. We develop personalized training that allows learning at a comfortable pace. It is significant for us that the student does not compete with others, but with himself - compares himself at the beginning and end of the school year. We encourage students to learn from each other and this makes it easier for them to acquire knowledge and skills. Our teachers are the student's mentors and facilitators who help the student move at a tempo that is comfortable for him, thus ensuring that he goes in the right direction in the programming course.

Our partners


Diligent, ambitious and striving for the highest results - this is how we would describe ourselves. Gathered due to the change in Lithuanian education, we develop ideas and pursue to provide students with a learning journey full of experience and knowledge. We take on challenges, follow and create innovations and nurture the young generation of Turing.