Kamilė Naujalytė


A versatile personality for whom intellectual, creative and physical development are equally important. She has higher education in psychology, dances and teaches it to others, and is immersed in the field of IT training.

Rasa Lipskytė


A researcher in the world of technology, actively learning new things and looking for the limits of technology. Hope not to find them.

Paweł Pieniążek


Moved to Vilnius a year ago. Dreams of speaking Lithuanian. Studied architecture and music, but interested in lots of stuff. Recently devoted to IT.

Eivanas Maksvytis

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

The founder of the Laboratory of Experimental Mechatronics Research prepares young people for the study of the science of intelligent robotics, developing systems for the vision of robots and motion based on ML (what we call AI) algorithms.

Oleg Mirzianov


Founder of the student-to-student initiative. He is studying for a doctorate at VU MIF and officially conducts practical classes and theoretical lectures.

Kęstutis Mačiulaitis

Camp Cyber Forest Leader

My personality does not fit in the profile description. Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

Simonas Ruokis

CS50 AP, Introduction to Computer Science

Programming enthusiast, one of the organizers of the festival InfoShow and the Student Sports League (MEL).

Zorian Ivanec

Computer Games Development

Game developer, Vilnius University MIF lecturer, player. From the age of 3, dreamed of creating computer games.

Monika Kiriejevaitė

Minecraft and Virtual World Programming

Monika started her first projects while she was in school. In recent years, he has been the head of the Kūrybinės raiškos centras, which organizes various educational activities for young people in Northern Lithuania.

Eglė Lučiūnaitė-Petkevičienė

CS50 AP, CS50 AP Web development, Introduction to computer science

Vilius Kumpikas


Ignas Gilys

Minecraft and Virtual World Programming


Monika Simaškaitė

Team leader

Kęstutis Mačiulaitis

Head of Education

Monika Kiriejevaitė

Projects manager

Gabija Virbickaitė

Marketing manager

Vakarė Lazickaitė

Project coordinator

Viktorija Andriūnaitė - Telyčėnienė

Administrator - Office manager

Gabija Rakauskaitė


Ieva Teodora Muliuolė

Head of Processes