I want to attend a programming course. Where can I sign up?

In our school, registration is separate for each course. Programming course can be chosen according to your age group, available experience and knowledge in the field of IT, city of residence. We currently carry out courses in three cities: Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipeda. All information about the groups, their content, teachers can be found on the website. Also, if you want a consultation, contact us by e-mail: info@tschool.io or by phone +370 611 35 651.

I want to attend the advanced programming course (level 2), how can I do this?

An advanced (level 2) course is available if you have passed at least one beginner (level 1) Turing School programming course or have at least 150 hours programming experience with program-related technologies. We currently have two courses for the advanced: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and CS50 Web Development. Upon completion of these courses, a career in IT is guaranteed as it is a top-level science.

What courses will I receive an additional 0,5 points for admission to higher education?

Completion of the beginner (level 1) or advanced (level 2) course is marked when all assignments are completed and the final project is submitted. The certificate states that you have completed the Turing School course and receive an additional 0.5 points for admission to higher education.

Programming course is too complicated for me, what should I do?

First of all, if you see that the course is too complicated — don’t give up. Our first recommendation is to talk openly with the teacher throughout the course and tell him or her any difficulties you face. The teacher is there to help and advise you. In each programming course, the teacher can adapt the pace to you according to your abilities and desires, so whether you complete the tasks faster or slower is not as important as your personal development. We encourage each student to compare not with the others in the group, but with themselves — your personal change from the beginning of the course is the most important.

Can I attend multiple courses at once?

We do not recommend attending several Turing School courses at the same time. It is better to choose the most suitable one for yourself, which would be the desired complexity. Each course has additional tasks that further deepen your knowledge, so to meet the challenges, just ask.