About this course

Students will learn how to work in a team by traveling through historical periods, overcoming programming missions in a virtual environment. Those who attended the group last year will get more complex challenges, as well as get acquainted with the programming language of logical blocks and Javascript, which is especially universal and applicable in practice.


Computer and programming basics | Code.org and Scratch

We will spend the first meetings learning the basics of programming and developing logical thinking. Using Code.org, we will learn to write our own program that allows the character to move through the obstacle course, and with Scratch we will create our own mini-game. October meetings will allow you to master the use of the computer, such as typing on the keyboard, mouse navigation, etc.

Minecraft Game | Minecraft: Education

We will dive into the world of Minecraft, full of blocks and ideas. We will learn the peculiarities of game control, get acquainted with how to manipulate the robot in the game and write programs for it, consolidate the previously acquired programming knowledge (instructions for the character to move, rotate, teleport, count). We will travel to worlds created by friends and learn more about the history of the Minecraft game.

CodeBuilder Basics | We learn to learn

We will continue programming in the world of Minecraft: using programming knowledge (cycles, conditional sentences) we will build large cubes, walls, houses with just three button presses. With the help of a robot, we will build a huge virtual Monopoly game, incorporating our personal tasks. We will end the month with the Hunger Games team games.

Repetition | We learn by playing

We will start the new year with repetition and team games, we will learn how to solve real world problems with programming, we will start using variables - one of the essential programming concepts.

CodeBuilder | For which cities, pyramids, skyscrapers

We will dive even deeper into the CodeBuilder system: we will build our skyscrapers, pyramids or even cities with a robot. Working in teams, we will learn to help a friend and understand each other. We will play Minecraft Minigames, go through the obstacle course and visit the International Space Station.

Software lines | Intro to JavaScript

We will apply the accumulated knowledge and skills in programming in the programming language of logical blocks by learning a more complex JavaScript programming language, which is widely used by IT staff. We’ll understand how and why your favorite Minecraft game really works.

Minecraft | We play and learn

We will continue learning by creating more and more complex programs, visit virtual historical maps of Vilnius, deepen our knowledge of JavaScript, get to know the Internet better and how to behave safely in it.

Final projects | We program our virtual world

In the last month of the circle, we will focus on programming in a more complex virtual world, demonstrating the acquired knowledge, creativity and ability to work in teams. The last session will be project presentations and certification ceremony.


Monika Kiriejevaitė
Minecraft and Virtual World Programming

Course info

9 months
Start date
October 6, 2020
1.5 h per week
Tuesdays: 4 p.m. Barbora Radvilaitė Progymnasium (Genių St. 8/4, Vilnius). Wednesdays: 5 p.m. Vilnius Vytautas Magnus Gymnasium (Augustijonų St. 8/10, Vilnius).
40 €/month
25 €/month
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