About this course

This program is great for curious students who want to get acquainted with the operation of computers and the principles of algorithmic thinking applied in real life. During the programming course and while implementing 4 projects, you will learn in which areas computer science is applied, learn to use the Sketch graphics creation tool and program in the Python programming language, solve tasks encountered in the real world. In this programming course you will develop both independent and team work skills - together with your peers you will expand projects from mini supercomputers to the first online applications.


Our World and IT

These months, we will learn to recognize technological processes in the world around us. How do computers work? Why is the internet getting faster? How do computers communicate with each other? What will be the human relationship with IT in the future? The answers to these questions will completely change the understanding of the importance of IT in all areas of life. We will create the first project - a game with the Scratch program. Together we will present the created projects.

Programming As a Tool
November - December

We will get a closer look at programming and the programming environment that will allow you to work even while driving a bus. You can choose a visual programming language - Scratch or Python. We will compare these two programming languages ​​and develop the first programs with the one you like best. Time for the second project: the last level of the Mario game!

Algorithms Or How To Be First

It is estimated that in 2019 there are about 27,000,000,000 Internet-connected devices in the world that operate on the principle of various algorithms. And what are those magical algorithms? How are they different from the instructions found in the Ikea furniture set? We will find the answers during these sessions. We will get acquainted with some of the most popular algorithms, use them in practice, finding out, for example, which countries in the world emit the least CO2 or how to always be the first with the help of algorithms. Let's continue our acquaintance with the Python programming language.

Algorithm Adaptation in Programming | 1
February - March

It’s time to start developing and programming a third project based on algorithms. The project will consist of two problem parts. 3 topics will be covered: environment, space and music. After choosing a theme, we will get a problem that we will solve using Python / Scratch programming languages.

Algorithm Adaptation in Programming | 2

During this period, we will get a second problem, for which we will have to use the results obtained from solving the first problem. After the solution of the second problem, fully operational projects will be created. Also, there will be discussions on the topics covered and project presentations.

Team Hackathon and Project Work

Having the essential basics of programming, we will get acquainted with the principles of idea generation and the subtleties of their presentation. We will carry out various team classes, learn to distribute tasks. In the middle of May we will start developing our personal / team programming projects, which will be the final works of the year!

Final Creative Project

Presentations of the final thesis which are followed by official certificates confirming the completion of the introductory Turing School course.


Simonas Ruokis
CS50 AP, Introduction to Computer Science

Course info

9 months
Start date
October 1, 2020
2 h per week
Kaunas Jesuit gymnasium (Rotušės a. 9, Kaunas)
50 €/month
35 €/month
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