About this course

This program is a continuation of the well-known Harvard CS50 AP course - Level 2 for those who have a basics of programming. During the course, you will deepen your knowledge in the field of Internet technologies, continue your journey with Python, JavaScript and SQL programming languages, and apply Flask, Django and Bootstrap platforms in practice. You will develop independent work skills and creativity by creating practical web projects. Upon completion of this programming course, you will have the opportunity to gain an internship or job in various IT companies.



In order to be able to work skillfully in a team, it is mandatory to learn to use the Git system effectively. Let’s repeat the subtleties of HTML and CSS languages.

Flask & SQL | First Project
October - November

We will deepen our knowledge on the Flask platform - we will get acquainted with classes, routing and HTTP operation. We will also learn more complex SQL statements by creating a PostgreSQL database. We will launch the first project with the Goodreads API, a web application for our school’s book club.


We will learn how to create relational databases and how to integrate them into the application being developed. We will explain how to integrate APIs as needed and select appropriate HTTP requests.

JavaScript | Second Project

We will deepen our knowledge of JavaScript and learn how to make changes locally to the user when the page is already loaded. We will master to manipulate the DOM structure and start the second project - a Messenger type application.

Front-End & Django | Third Project

Let’s find out what the HTML API is, how Javascript templating works, and how to make interactive objects with CSS. We will also start using the Django platform, which will expand the functionality of the projects being developed. In addition, we will develop a multi-level pizza ordering system.

Testing & CI/CD
February - March

As applications become more complex, it is important to ensure that no critical errors are left in programming. As a result, we will study to test applications properly using a variety of testing tools and methods, from creating unittests to specific code integration tools.

Scalability & Security | Fourth Project

Creating a well-functioning application does not end the challenges. It is important to ensure that the page can withstand high user traffic. And what about database protection! We will delve deeply into these topics this month.

Final Project
May - June

Once you’ve learned how to build sophisticated online systems, it’s time to create your first product, and maybe even a startup. All this time will be devoted to the creation of a creative project and deepening of knowledge according to the theme of the chosen project!


Eglė Lučiūnaitė-Petkevičienė
CS50 AP, CS50 AP Web development, Introduction to computer science

Course info

9 months
Start date
October 7, 2020
Wednesdays from 16:00 to 19:00
Anywhere — study remotely
100 €/month
85 €/month
With NVŠ
110 €/month
With ISM accreditation
95 €/month

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