Summer educational camp for children Minecraft: Portal to Vilnius!

We invite children aged 6-10 to an exclusive summer adventure - a five-day summer day camp Minecraft: Portal to Vilnius! During the camp, you will not only have fun with your peers, but also get acquainted with the city of Vilnius during virtual programs and real excursions!

20 children
5 days
Not known yet.
70 - 100 EUR
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Minecraft: Portal to Vilnius! is an educational five-day summer camp for children aged 6-10, where participants will get to know Vilnius in a virtual space and during excursions with a professional guide. Every day from 8:30 to 17:30, children will actively learn programming, teamwork, strategic thinking, and enable creativity in the Minecraft platform and physical activities.

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Doubt whether the summer camp Minecraft: Portal to Vilnius! suitable for your child? Here are the questions you need to answer:

  • Do you want your child to get to know their city interactively?
  • Do you want your child to use computer games for educational purposes?
  • Does your child dream of an exclusive camp?
  • Are you looking for a child's camp in a convenient location?

If you answered YES to at least three questions, this summer’s adventure is just for you. Register now!

Kas laukia vasaros stovykloje?

Knowledge and practical skills in Minecraft virtual world programming;
Guided tours of Vilnius;
A fun-minded society;
Cognition of Vilnius city with the help of virtual programs (Minecraft platform, virtual reality (VR), 3D projections);
Entertainment at Uno Park Adventure Park;
Competent teachers and dedicated camp leaders.
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Additional info


The focus is on both physical education and computer science skills, promoting creative potential and personal development. 1 teacher and senior students-volunteers will work with a group of 10 children.


Vytautas Magnus Gymnasium (Augustijonų st. 8, Vilnius)


1 time a day (lunch) + snacks, drinking water, tea.


On the first day of the camp, participants will become familiar with safety requirements and sign an agreement for safe behavior. General security requirements will be established by the camp manager.


Campers must have a medical certificate (Form 027-1 / a).


The child's parents / guardians are responsible for entering and leaving the camp site.

Very comprehensive and great feedback from you about our children's character traits, hobbies, talents and abilities! You're cool! I bow my head low against your professionalism. I hope that we will be together next year, you will continue your activities in our school, because the children were very sincere and happy to visit your course.

Birutė Zumbžickienė
Evaldas' and Albertas' mother

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