Summer programming camp Cyber Forest

We invite you to an exclusive summer adventure - a five-day summer programming camp Cyber ​​Forest. It will not only be a fun time with peers surrounded by nature, but also a practical introduction to cyber security! Have you ever imagined computers in the woods? Turing School says: learn programming during the day and immerse yourself in exciting challenges with scouts in the evening. Climb trees, light a fire, hide from enemies, conquer other bases and go on night hikes.

15 students
5 days
Not known yet.
150 - 195 EUR
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I want to know more about programming camp this summer!

Cyber Forest is the first summer camp in Lithuania, which invites to combine entertainment and experience in the forest and practical and interesting learning with computers. It’s a camp where you’ll learn what social engineering is, how to combat misinformation, run your phishing page, learn how to encrypt messages using Caesar and Vigenère ciphers, and store your computer files with VeraCrypt.

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Doubt if summer camp is right for you?

  • Is information security important to you?
  • Are you interested in fake news and would you like to prevent it?
  • Do you want to be a leader in cyber security?
  • Do you like spending time in nature, hiking?
  • Do you want to learn or improve your forest orienteering skills?
  • Do you dream of a completely exclusive camp?

If you answered YES to at least three questions, this summer’s adventure is just for you. Register now!

Kas laukia vasaros stovykloje?

Knowledge and practical skills on cyber security;
A fun-minded society;
Competent teachers and dedicated camp leaders;
Orienteering trips;
Sports and experiential games;
Activities with shooters and scouts.
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Additional info


The program is designed to focus on both physical education and computer science skills, promoting creative potential and personal development.


On the first day of the camp, participants will become familiar with safety requirements and sign an agreement for safe behavior.


1 time a day + snacks, drinking water, tea.


Campers must have a medical certificate.


We do not organize joint arrival / departure, but we always help with all related issues. In addition, we encourage being eco-friendly and cooperating with crews. You will be able to find out the exact address of the camp after registering and receiving a fun task.

At Turing School, I spent the whole year learning the most innovative course with their supercomputer, and after got an invitation from the Bank of Lithuania to begin an internship and learn from the best Lithuanian cybersecurity experts! I never expected my acquaintance with Turing School to evolve into such experiences gained later on.

Lukas Baranovas
Cybersecurity Intern

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